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Last Minute Ways to Use Social Media During The Day of Love

Valentine’s day is an old holiday that has been celebrated for centuries, it usually consists  of the traditional card, box of chocolates, jewelry, dinner or other romantic gesture.  Planning ahead is usually best, but what if you forgot to make that reservation to his/her favorite restaurant or the flower shop was wiped clean or it was too late to plan a delivery.  That’s when you need to think outside the box and figure out different ways you can declare your love in a pinch.  This, my friend, is where social media is your best friend.

Declare your love with a blog post.

As the saying goes, everything that goes on the internet lives forever and there’s no going back.  If you think about it, it’s more permanent than a tattoo.  Write a love letter to your Valentine and declare your love to the world!

Make your love a playlist on Spotify!

Remember those mix tapes you gave your boyfriend back in the day.  Make a playlist of all your favorite songs as a couple, songs that make you think of your mate or songs that bring back special memories.

Tweet terms of endearment

Use Twitter to send terms of endearment to your Valentine.  You could take a poem and tweet parts of it throughout the day or tweet out the things you love about your Valentine.

Make a video

Make your Valentine a fun, loving video and post it on YouTube.  You could make it with photos and music using Animoto, lip sync a silly love song, or come up with your own crazy idea.

Bake a sweet treat

Where is an excellent place to find recipes? PINTEREST.  Go to your Valentine’s Pinterest boards and find a delicious dessert she pinned.

How creative can you be this Valentine’s Day?