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DIY, Give It A Try!

Bloggers are by nature very creative. They can turn a curbside find into a stunning family heirloom. They can make dinner with three ingredients from the pantry at the last minute. In addition, our SoFab bloggers can conceive some surprising DIY home décor and fashion projects with the summer staple Kool-Aid.

Social Fabric and Kool-Aid challenged our community to let their imaginations fly. And fly they did. Members created colorful and fun DIY projects from wood, yarn, paper and fabric.

DIY Party Sign

A bright red stained wooden sign issued a cheerful invitation to ‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’ to the guests of Randi from Dukes and Duchesses blog.

She applied a mixture of liquid and powdered Kool-Aid to a piece of plywood using a foam brush, the same way she would apply stain. It soaked right into the wood, staining it a beautiful, luscious red. Randi says with a wink, “It smelled better than any stain I’ve ever used!”

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.27.39 PM.png

DIY Ombre Tassels

Kenzie from Chasing Happy blog used one pink lemonade Kool-Aid packet to achieve the ombre effect on her DIY yarn tassels for her nursery.

She started by dipping just the tips, and then slowly submerged the sections until the color was darker at the bottom and lighter at the top. She shares, “Picture me sitting on the floor of my mother’s kitchen with Kool-Aid and yarn snapping photos every thirty seconds. I got a few funny looks from family members. They all thought I should drink the Kool-Aid, not craft with it.”

 Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.29.07 PM.png

DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Lip Balm

Kool-Aid becomes watercolors for cards and flavoring for homemade lip balm at the hands of Stacey from Glued to my Crafts blog. She created a simple and easy gift package for the special Mothers in her life.

“This is a fun way to personalize your paper. Did I mention the cards smell amazing?” she gushed. “And when the work is over – take the leftover Kool-Aid and have a tall glass to celebrate!”

 Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.39.41 PM.png

 DIY Dip-Dyed Sarong

Sarah from How to Pinch a Penny says, “I am not a fashion model, but this is how I will be wearing my Kool-Aid dip-dyed sarong to the pool this year!”

Sarah submerged the fabric into a large pot of Kool-Aid on the stove for an hour. (One 96 oz. bottle, plus five packets.) She kept the heat low and watched until it reached the right color. She ironed the fabric to heat set it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.40.42 PM.png


I Follow, You Follow, No Follow?

I keep hearing this phrase over and over again, “no follow”, “href=code +” some tech jargon that only Whittle, our Director of Platform Technologies can understand, but what does “no follow” mean and how do I check other sites or even my own for no follow links?

In January, our very own Brad Lawless posted an incredibly informative blog post explaining what “no follow links” mean, why Collective Bias was now adopting it as a policy for all outgoing blogger content and how you can make your own links no follow within a blog post. My biggest question at the time we implemented this policy (and maybe your question now) was how do I check for no follow links on blog posts from Social Fabric® members or even on our own blog posts to ensure that we are compliant with Google’s policy?

Well fear not fellow Internet lovers, I bring you the “it’s so easy Jerra could do it” way to check for no follow links on any site you would like, and to make it even easier for you I have included both Mac and PC user instructions. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid the HTML code induced headache I experienced the first few times checking for no follow links! :)

For Mac and PC Users:

Pull up the website that you would like to check in your browser.

(On Mac) Click on View and Developer

(On PC) Click on the wrench in the top right corner of the browser, then click on Tools

(On Mac and PC) click on View Source

A separate window will pop up with the code that controls the back end of the website you are checking (I know it looks like Chinese to me too)

(on Mac) Type in Command + F on your keyboard (on PC, Control + F) , a little finder bar like this will show up in the top right corner:

Type in the brand or link that you would like to check to make sure has a no follow link on it (in this case Brad)

Scroll through the mentions of the brand (just hit enter to scroll through them) and look for any mention of the brand with what looks to be a link to another full website next to it (in this case it happens to be Brad’s profile page on Collective Bias

Make sure that somewhere within the bracket containing <a href=” it contains rel=”nofollow” before the bracket is closed, in this case the no follow code ends the bracket, others may have other items after the mention, as long as the no follow code is found with the link you are a-ok!

And, it is as simple as that! You can use this method for any link you would like to check within the post and make you or the post you are checking is no follow friendly!